Short Story Of Grendel Research Paper

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Many people believe that Grendel was an evil, satanic being and had no feeling of remorse. Grendel wasn’t always a man-eating devil. He was once a human boy who enjoyed the beauty in life. His name was Cain and he had a brother named Abel. Cain and Abel were the best of friends. Until, Cain started to understand the power Abel had. Since Abel was born first he had the birth-right, Cain would always be the second son. Cain began to grow hateful and bitter. He no longer wanted to be a brother; he wanted to be an only son. Cain had entrusted his wicked mother to help him carry out this plan. Cain led Abel away into the forest and murdered him. After hearing the horrible news, Cain’s father banished him and his mother into the dark, unknown world.…show more content…
However, Cain wanted to seek forgiveness from his father; he wanted to change the past and wanted his brother back. No matter how hard Cain tried, he could not find the beauty in life. Both Cain and his mother began to gradually change physically and mentally. They began to change into slimy, green, hideous creatures. They no longer were accepted into society. Cain no longer knew his name, instead he was called Grendel. Grendel and his mother were forced to live in a swamp, for protection of the outside world. Grendel’s mother had convinced him that man is a greedy, bloodthirsty being and should not be trusted. After hearing this, Grendel was afraid of the outside world. Grendel would only come out at night to

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