Shooting An Elephant Essay

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Three Messages from Elephant (Worst Thing you Could Ever Do) Have you ever done anything that you didn’t want to do? Many people done a lot of things that they don’t want to do but they get roped into doing it anyway. In the story Shooting An Elephant by George Orwell he was peer pressured to kill an elephant when he didn’t want to. George Orwell was educated in England and then joined the Imperial Police in Burma. He was aware of the inequities of imperialism. In 1928 after five years of service as a Imperial Police he came back to England and wrote his famous story Shooting An Elephant, and experience he had while being a Police in Burma. Three messages I got from this story was peer pressure, imperialism is evil and the last thing…show more content…
One day George was out doing his own thing and the townspeople didn’t really like him. So he just keep to himself and went on his way making sure the town was safe and everything was in order. Then one day out of nowhere a towns person came up to him and asked for his help with an elephant. The elephant had escaped and was running around like a chicken with his head cut off and people didn’t know where the owner of the elephant was, so they went and got the Policemen George. When elephants go into heat they get really angry and upset they start messing things up and need to be shot or put in a room where they can’t hurt anything, well since the owner is nowhere to be found George had to put matters in his own hands. While he was looking for the elephant he had found out that the elephant had killed a man and that meant that the elephant had to be put down, but when George came to find the elephant he was eating peacefully and didn’t look mean, so he didn’t want to shoot it. With all the townspeople standing around he didn’t want to look like a chicken and shoot it anyway. So, in the end he killed an elephant by peer pressure because all the townspeople were watching him and he didn’t want to look like a
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