Sherman Alexie's Flight: Character Analysis

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Biologically a parent is an organism that produces an offspring. Emotionally, a parent should be a protector as well as a supporter for their offspring. However, what if one does not have that emotional relationship? What if the child to parent relation is strictly biological? In Sherman Alexie’s Flight, Zits experiences a supernatural experience of time travel following his implementation of a bank robbery which led him to believe that he had been killed and his body shifting experience was a part of the afterlife. Due to the lack of parental figures in Zits’ life, the time travelling experience provided him with another chance to change his life and substituted the role of his father, teaching him right from wrong, about his heritage, and what it is like to have a father figure in his life. Firstly, the time…show more content…
This resulted in Zits being uneducated about that part of his life. After a few body shifting experiences, Zits inhabited the body of a United States Calvary named Gus. The man led an attack on an Indian camp, however Zits caught a glance at a young soldier trying to save a little Indian boy. INSERT SOME QUOTE. Furthermore, although this experience provided insight for Zits on the brutality of the American side, he also saw exceptions in everyone and formed an admiration for the young soldier. On the other hand, Zits also experienced the brutality from the Indian side during his body shifting to the Little Bighorn battle. During this time, Zits was a little boy that was commanded to shoot a white soldier by his father. However, Zits chooses not to execute the murder and realizes that QUOTE. Both these instances not only provided Zits with insight on his heritage, but they were also events when Zits took what he learned about moral values and applied that, loops

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