Irony In The Red Convertible

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In the story the red convertible there were many different plots. However the ones that I chose to discuss are irony, exposition, physical conflict and the author herself. Furthermore throughout this ordeal there were many different types of things that we as people even myself have dealt with and still continue to deal with in our everyday lives. Whether it’s death, change, or even dealing with emotions. The red convertible was an overall connection between Lyman and his brother Henry. The car signified the bond that these two brothers shared as well as the satisfaction in which it brought them. This car was a symbolism of their overall relationship. It’s ironic how this same red convertible that brought these two brothers must satisfaction was the reason in which Henry’s life came to an endpoint. Irony was once again referenced in this story when the younger sister Bonita took a picture of both Lyman and Henry. In the picture Lyman was smiling, but Henry face was hidden by a shadow. It basically…show more content…
Lyman began to contemplate as well as exposition the way his once full of life brother use to be. Once again he began to contemplate and eventually came to the conclusion that the red convertible would bring his brother back to whom he used to be. As Lyman recalls the Henry who returns home is, much changed. "Henry was jumpy and mean," He was depressed, he was serious, and most importantly his mother and brother thought that something was mentally wrong with him. He wasn’t that same vibrant person who was once full of life. Eventually Lyman meditated on a way in which he could get his brother back. He devised a solution and figured that if he destroyed the red convertible it would give Henry something to work on and eventually brings him back to himself. Lyman ended up destroying the car in order to rekindle him and his brother’s relationship, but symbolically ravaged their relationship in the process, unbeknownst to

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