Alan Dershowitz: Why Is Terrorism Successful?

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Why is Terrorism Successful The TSA had screened 638,705,790 passengers. In total the U.S. has stopped 50 terror attacks from happening since 9/11 (Fifty Terror Plots Foiled). Alan Dershowitz exemplifies how cheap and practical Palestinian terrorists can be. Generally speaking in his newest book, Why Terrorism Works, Dershowitz squabbles contently and persuasively that organized international terrorism is a phenomenon largely caused by our statements and actions. Dershowitz explains that bargaining and giving into terrorists needs is only making them more successful, such as adding fuel to a fire. He proposed extreme methods, to eradicate the terrorist population, which would work if we were not moral. The book Who Are the Terrorists?, written…show more content…
Gupta explains the actual meaning and misconceptions of the term “terrorism”. Dipak Gupta exemplifies the quote, “Let us be terrible, so that people will not have to be (Gupta 6),” as the origin of the word terrorism. He furtherly explains, since birth, terrorism has always been looked at combined violence. Henceforth, terrorism is considered, by Dipak, as “a propaganda by deed”. Alan Dershowitz has a keen and unusual sense in forming analogies about captured terrorists, a person or group of people who performs an act of terrorism. Alan Dershowitz claims, “Animals may become more docile in cages, whereas some human beings become more violent in prison (Dershowitz 233).” Dershowitz is attempting to contrast the docile animals from the captured terrorists. Being locked up, terrorists grow even more resentment upon the United States Government and its people, because they can never see their family or loved ones again. While in prison, these terrorists may plot more attacks which get more devastating each time. After planning these attacks, they may try to communicate the plans to other inmates. These inmates pass messages to followers of the jihad terrorist…show more content…
Dipak Gupta describes his feelings from the events of 9/11 as, “an empty space in our heart to come (Gupta 101).” This feeling pounces upon him each time he looks at the New York City skyline, because, of the large gap, of the pre-existing twin towers. For current and future generations this sorrowful holiday will always strike dolefulness at the heart of most people throughout the world. Within a time span of eighteen minutes ("9/11 Attacks."), a large piece of history was taken away from the youth and future generations, and a new moment and piece of history was starting to unfold (9/11 Attacks). Since 9/11 attack many things have changed. Security has majorly improved since then. According to Alan Dershowitz, “Before September 11, terrorism worked -not in every case and not for every group, but enough to be seen as a successful tactic for bringing about considerable change (Dershowitz 31).” Since the hijacking of the four planes, two of which hit the twin towers, the TSA security has gone up enormously. The airport only allows a maximum of 3.4 ounces of non-flammable liquid, certain lighters approved in a DOT approved case, and scissors with blades shorter than four inches are

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