Sherman Alexie's Flight: Character Analysis

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Kaila Li Everyday on the daily lives, we have people who betray us, harm us, disrespect us causing ourselves to do the same back. In Sherman Alexie’s Flight, Alexis implies that to dissipate anger, empathy over those who hate shouldn’t focus on one person’s perspective, but to think out of the box and actually view the whole picture to see their true self. One must accept it and forgive. The moment Zit’s father says no to his grandfather’s question, the old man leaves, leaving Zit’s father to cry, but comes back and tells his father “I want you to know what I know, you ain’t worth shit now. And you ain’t ever gonna be worth shit.”(14) Meanwhile, Zit thinks about how it was like to live in his father’s childhood. He gains knowledge that his father, the most evilest man, also has deep pain and is ashamed of himself. This scene also echos the pain Zit had to go through in the beginning of the book. Zits has reached a point where he sees that his father and him is more alike than he thought. Right then he quickly notices that he can never…show more content…
When Dave retells the disaster of arriving too late to save the two infants that burned in boiling water, “he looks up at the ceiling as if his memory was playing like a movie. Zits looks up and also sees it. He can’t jump into Dave’s body, but can feel and see a bit of his understanding about his pain.” From Zit’s understanding of Dave’s pain, they both empathize with one another. Zits and Dave both have different backgrounds, but Zit was able to understand a person who he was never close with. The connection between them allows Zits to comfort Dave. Furthermore, Zits has jumped into so many of other people’s bodies that he gets a great sense of how others can act and think. By deciding to not commit to violence, Zit’s attitude and language is more reflective in thoughts and more kind. The more Dave speaks of violence, the more empathy Zit feels causing him to weep with

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