Fear Of Aggravated Assault

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A crime is a violation of the law that affects not only the perpetrators, victims and their families but everyone in society. Crime has significantly increased over the years. Sadly, more prisons have to be built to accommodate the increasing number of inmates. From the use of a weapon, the intent of the perpetrator, the status of the victim, to the degree of injury caused, aggravated assault is the most serious and violent crime in the United States. The crime rate may fall, but the people's fear of aggravated assault does not decrease because of the intentional harm inflicted on a person. The number of victims and the number of incidents are alarming. It is the type of assault that criminal laws punish more severely because of its…show more content…
Whether the objects constitute lethal weapons or not depends on the manner the weapons were used in the assault. For instance, although a pocket knife is not a lethal weapon, but if placed on the neck of a victim, then it would be deadly. Depending on the status of the victim, some simple assaults lead to aggravated assault. Several states punish assault on fire fighters, teachers, and police officers as aggravated assault. In this case, the victim should have been executing her or his duty when assaulted and the perpetrator would have known the status of the victim. Sadly, assault on members of protected classes can constitute hate crimes based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, national origin, disability of the victim, and sexual…show more content…
Consumption of alcohol often leads to risk-taking behavior without being concerned over punishments or consequences, poor communication, and high levels of communication, all of which may very well cause violent altercation. Concert halls, stadiums, and sporting grounds are also conducive to aggravated assault due to a high level of physical contact, overcrowding, and alcohol consumption. Aggravated assault is also normal in drug markets since customers and dealers resort to violence to maintain business and to solve disputes. Men are more likely to encounter aggravated assault than women. African-Americans are more likely than other races to be aggravated assault

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