Plutarch, Horace And Dio's Cleopatra

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Cleopatra Reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. It is like fame you must to do it on and on or you will fade away and you are nobody. When someone helps an old man across the street, be friendly to people and try to harm none. I mean reputation and character are related together. Being an Objective is a realistic basis for your opinion or statement did not base on your perception, feelings or emotions. Cleopatra infamous queen of Egypt can temporary images iconic a painted woman in long black inky eyeliner and a headdress hang down onto her forehead but despite Hollywood interpretation of her appearance very little is actually known about her and what is known about her is generally misunderstood.…show more content…
Plutarch, Horace and Dio are our three sources for Cleopatra. The most permanent version is comes from Plutarch as he the famous ancient historian because Plutarch and his biography of Antony wrote in detail about Cleopatra. Although, Plutarch was also subject to the prejudices, that canonized her as a dangerous threat to Rome. He writes have a beautiful and cruel queen to satisfy her passion of power; Cleopatra seduces the greatest leader of the Roman Empire. Horace called a Cleopatra a frenzied queen mad and drunk with lust, also with Dio she was described as beautiful intelligent woman, to look upon and to listen too. So that she will have a power to subdue anyone even Julies Caesar. Despite of her power of seduction, there is no trusty photograph of her…show more content…
Ironically, she looks almost alike her love Julius Caesar. There is also a relief at the Temple of Dendera that shows Cleopatra with her son Caesarian in front of her, being presented to the goddess Isis and Isis’s son. In Sculptures she appears to be ugly rather than beautiful, with hooked nose which is a sign of maxilla. Most of all they may not be accurate but they were the closest details to describe Cleopatra. Ancient Egyptian has such a view about her because she was the last Pharaoh of them. Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII the king of Egypt. She became one of the strongest Egyptian rulers they have ever

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