Thai Woman Vs American Women Analysis

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Thai Woman vs. American Women 
“Girls have an unfair advantage over men; if they can’t get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.”
Yul Brynner
I once received a message through my YouTube channel asking my opinion on how Thai women compare with American women. “What are the Thai women like...are they like American women? I see a lot of American men finding wives hard is it?” 
Another male dumbfounded by women. Aren’t all men stupefied by women? 
Now this is a difficult question, for to answer means stereotyping not one, but two nationalities of women. No easy task but it’s an opinion and hopefully you comprehend that I am generalizing for the purpose of discussion. I don’t speak female so please take what is written with a grain of salt.…show more content…
They want love, a hug and a kiss now and then, passion, money, sex, children, grandchildren, and a kitchen appliance or two. There are those who want fulfilling job, someone to care for and who cares for her, and someone who is willing to go the duration. Granted, some women want much more than others but if men exchange their power tools for kitchen appliances, is what men and women want so different? Please note, nowhere in the previous paragraph did I mention the words “Thai or American.” If the stereotypical impression of Thai women is that of the petite, demure sex kitten, American women are thought to be loud, opinionated, and self-entitled. The truth is, there are women all over the world who fit all of these descriptions. For those willing to put in the time, there are American women every bit as sweet and lovely as Thai women. For every Thai woman who says “Thai man no good,” there is a Thai man every bit or better than American man. In some cases, they are also bossy feminists. Members of the she-woman man hater’s

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