Segregation In Schools Essay

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After reading njnskjn I have learned that the United States educational systems still need to do more work in order to make schools equal and race-neutral. A Supreme Court decision in 2007, ruled against the voluntary continuation of a court-ordered student assignment plan crafted to remedy segregation. Also the Obama administration has not made any moves to help integrate school. Thus, schools are becoming more and more segregated. Over the last 25 years the number of Latino students in the U.S. schools has more than tripled, however the challenges and discrimination Latino students face are being segregated by race, class and language, are increasing everyday. Latino students don’t receive the resources they need in order for them to have a good education, bilingual education has been taken away. The article also discussed the benefits of having integrated schools , which are that students are exposed to challenging advanced courses and, as a result, are more likely to have higher test scores, graduate, and succeed in college. In my high school I did see a lot of Latino students only hanging out with other Latino students, but a big factor of why that happened is because a lot of the students only spoke Spanish. Thus, schools should try to do more to help all…show more content…
Reasons for resegregation are that in a social context segregation occurs when there is a “mode of exclusion that emerges from group-based competition for resources and promotes educational stratification.” This is stating that in high minority, high-poverty, low-achieving schools, they do not receive the same resources, such as local funds and experienced teachers that higher- achieving white schools receive. These inequalities across schools contribute to unequal student outcomes. Also to blame for resegregation are federal policies that favored accountability policies and turned
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