Second Great Awakening Research Paper

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The Second Great Awakening was a religious movement that took place in the early nineteenth century. It rapidly grew for over two decades across all facets of race, gender, and age. Things like enlightenment and oppression of women and African Americans both free and enslaved were some of the main causes that lead to the rapid growth of the second great awakening. The oppression of women and African Americans during the nineteenth century turned into religious revivals seeking some sense of inclusion. These meetings ranged from small gatherings to massive assemblies, such as the Cane Ridge meeting in Kentucky where the attendance tallied around ten thousand people from all over the states. These camp meetings were unlike the traditional service due to their passionate style of preaching and songs along with pulling members from the crowd making their conversion something the whole audience could witness as active participants. These large religious gatherings provided the opportunity for women and African Americans to experience the gratification that they mattered as individuals, were citizens and had a purpose.…show more content…
It was a place where sex, race, and economic status were irrelevant and no one passed judgment. Society still looked upon women as second-class citizens, and did not having the right to vote and in some cases the right to own property. This separation led women to seek for ways to socialize and become a part of society. One way women accomplished this task was that they develop charitable organizations and eventually going as far as developing religious and educational establishments. Attending church activities and services gave women equal encouragement and a sense of placement and pride in the ways of shared involvements with others in their

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