Good Will Hunting: Bostonians As Portrayed In Film And Literature

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Bostonians Are Strong When Things Go Wrong: Bostonians as Portrayed in Film and Literature The film Good Will Hunting tells the story of a genius-level intellect Will Hunting who is tough enough to confront his inner demons and remedy for his wrong doings. Will had been accused of physically assaulting people before he met professor Lambeau. “Mayhem, theft, resisting” were all his deeds. Once he meets Skylar, a Harvard senior, one evening in a Harvard bar, and they start dating each other. Will lies to Skylar about his past, and is reluctant to introduce her to his friends or show her his rundown neighborhood, in fear that Skylar will abhor him once she knows more about his past and his sphere. As part of the commitment which frees him from jail, he has to see a psychiatrist once a week. Will treats his first…show more content…
Therefore, “[He’s] always afraid of taking the first step, because all [he] sees is every negative thing ten miles down the road.” Near the end of this film, Sean helps Will to see that he’s a victim of his own inner demons and to accept that it’s not his fault. After Sean repeats several times the words “[i]t’s not your fault”, Will’s feeling of compunction is finally discharged and he cries in Sean’s arms. In doing so, Sean wants Will to feel released and realize that it’s not his fault to keep people in distance and commit all those crimes, because after all his foster fathers hurted him by bringing trauma to his once juvenile soul. His fragile heart couldn’t handle hurt anymore, so he has to put up the defense mechanism. In the end, Will overcomes his fear and chases Skylar to California in order to start his new life with his heart followed. Will used to live in self-abandon and keep a good distance from people because of his early adversity, but emboldened by Sean eventually he could make up his mind and strive for the life he wants, even if that means

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