Marie Curie: The Most Famous Scientist

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Marie Curie, the most famous scientist was born on the 7th November 1876 in Warsaw, Poland. Her parents were both teachers and also wanted their kids to be educated even though it was hard for girls in Poland to attend school. This was because Poland at that time was ruled by the Russians. Marie and her siblings were not allowed to attend school or read and write in polish. She was also the youngest child of 5 children. Marie was known to be the brightest child in the family. Marie wanted to attend college after graduating from high school but University of Warsaw did not allow women, it was only for Men. Marie was so interested in studying so she decided to leave the country. Even though Marie wanted to study more about science she couldn’t due to financial issues. She started working at the age of 17 to pay for her sister Bronislawa to go to medical school in France. After six years Marie had finally moved to France to complete her education. Soon after 3 years Marie got a degree in physics. In 1894 Marie fell in love with Pierre Curie who was also a scientist. They had two daughters called Irene and Eve. Marie Curie was really interested in rays and x-rays that were discovered before by Henry Becquerel. He has discovered that rays can pass through solid matter such a fogs. It also caused air to conduct electricity. After his discovery Marie…show more content…
Even though women at the time was not permitted to get an education, that did not stop her from achieving her goals of studying science. She is an inspiration and provides courage to women around the world who cannot afford to go to school due to culture issues or financial issues. Even though scientist at the time did not believe her, she did not lose hope and believed in herself that she was right and continued to prove what she has discovered. She was one of the hard working and bravest women chemist I believe at the

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