Olive Oil Analysis

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FATTY ACID PROFILES OF OLIVE OIL IN ALBANAIA JONIDA CANAJ1, KOZETA VASO2, DRITAN TOPI2 1) Institute of Public Health, Department of Environment and Health, Albania 2) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences UT, Albania e-mail : jonidacanaj@ymail.com Abstract Virgin olive oil is an important product produced in some regional areas in Albania. In this study are analyzed 8 olive oil samples collected from the market and three samples of Kalinjot, Frantoio and Mixan olive cultivars to assess the fatty acid composition and to determine the importance of the fatty acid variables on health. A gas chromatography as analytical technique was employed to compare the fatty acid composition of different samples of olive oil,. According to…show more content…
A capillary column (30 m × 0.25 mm i.d., 0.2 μm film thickness) was used. All chemicals were of analytical grade and higher purity . The fatty acid initial standard C 15: 0( FAME) provided by Sigma-Aldrich was used for FA identification, according to their retention times. Sodium sulfate anhydrous, Petroleum ether 40-60 ° C, n-hexane, Methanol and Ultrapure water were purchased from Merck and used to extract fatty acid methyl esters. Chemical method Preparation of initial standard C15: 0. The initial standard C15: 0 FAME was weighted and transferred to a flask of 25ml and diluted with ether-petroleum. Preparation of samples. Olive oil samples after weight in test tube(no more than 0.025 g). Derivatisation method used was the acidic method, where fixed ratio of methanol / acetyl chloride was used. Transesterification. It consists in the conversion of triglyceride to fatty acids methyl esters (FAME). The atmosphere of nitrogen was used to ensure non-oxidizing condition to the mixture and mixed by a vortex. The mixture was kept for 60 minutes at100 °C, in darkness, where the reaction was developed. After 60 minutes the vessel took away from the source of heat and kept in the dark until they reach room

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