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Steven Spielberg is an American director most known for films like the Jurassic Park series, Schindler’s List, and many more. Spielberg is a well-known director and is today is quite popular and influential. Spielberg’s career transcends for more than four decades and have covered various themes and genres. Steven Spielberg uses different techniques in his filmmaking, interacting with the cinematographers to create a visually stunning and eye catching film. Steven Spielberg also uses various motifs like color and light to depict interactions and relationships between characters. An example of a different technique Spielberg used is his use of long takes in the film rather than multiple shots. Spielberg also uses a cinematographic technique…show more content…
It is a static shot in the kitchen around 30 seconds, with Martin Brody in the foreground on the telephone, and his wife Ellen and son Michael in the background. Spielberg creates a type of tension between foreground and background. A telephone rings, and in the foreground Brody picks up a phone, but only gets a dial tone. He then puts the phone down and picks up another phone. From the side of the conversation the audience can listen to, the audience works out that someone is calling to talk about the disappearance of Christine…show more content…
To gain this goal, he uses a rather important part in film making which are the lights and they are reflected on the screen. Generally the use of light can determine or establish meaningful relationships between characters constantly and coherently through most of his films, which is what I believe Spielberg is doing. The use of lighting reveal the behavior patterns of the characters and there interactions with the other characters. This use of light and its symbolism is most exemplified in one of Spielberg’s most popular film, Schindler’s List. With this film Spielberg opted to make a black and white film with the use of color being very minimal and most prominent with the little girl in the red. The idea of using very little color in the film can symbolize many ideas including, innocence, hope or even the many deaths that were taken during the Holocaust. The red coat girl even though she is seen in only two scenes, always through the point of view of Oskar Schindler, has become a very famous part of the film. The girl in the red coat is not the only color shown and other color elements include, the match and the candles of the opening credits, the flames of the candles in another Sabbath celebration, the two red roses at the end being put on Schindler’s grave by actor Liam Neeson. The red coat, roses, flames and incandescent lights can symbolize life which I think is what Spielberg

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