Essay About True Love

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What Makes It Real. “True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes”( unknown ).This is the true definition of love, no matter how admirable your love is while being too close, separation will be the only proof that you really love each other . True love is best when it is a choice and a choice can only be present when two people have enough separation to be individuals. Independence is your strength you should never letter it go. Using asunder a story by Nnedi okorafor-Mbachu I’m going to show you how separation is the best evidence of true love. Love is something given out to create smiles not a destruction of relationships.In love people have to be individuals. being in love doesn’t mean you're lost, it just means that you got someone to share with your life and not someone to give your life to. When two people fall in love and become one everybody can see that.…show more content…
through the one you love ,you can discover yourself through him/her or be him/her. i deem the first option right because i believe he is there to influence your life but not to change it.when you know who you are , you know what you want and know where you are going . in this case love for you is something to share not something to divide you , it is what you encounter in becomes part of you but don’t conquer your whole body ,it relieves you.Taking asunder as an example mbachu says”the rope of hair on your head felt heavy and light at the same time “ (Mbachu 3). This is how relaxing it can be to be an individual but we should not forget that it will be hard for us if we were used to staying with another one.It is better to train yourself to depend on yourself more than to others because you never know where destiny is taking you and before you lose your whole self and miss a way to reconquer yourself
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