Satsuki In Thailand

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In the short story Thailand by Haruki Murakami, the protagonist Satsuki is plagued by the horrors of her past while she rests during her Thailand vacation. Her pain is reflected in a dream she has, and a dream she is told is yet to come. Both of these dreams play a significant role in portraying the author’s message of finding peace and acceptance in one’s life, as well as reveal Satsuki’s view of herself and the world around her. During her stay at a Thailand hotel Satsuki attempts to nap at a pool, but instead of the relaxing rest she hopes to have, she is presented with a strange and terrifying dream. The story states that, “She had a dream about a rabbit […] it seemed to be sensing the arrival of some kind of thing in the middle of the night” (Murakami 3). Satsuki dreams of a frightened…show more content…
She is afraid of something that is yet to come, but it is not entirely clear what that something is. This is a purposeful choice used by the author because up to this point Satsuki has no idea why she fears the future, which allows the entrance of the old woman to be a shifting point in the short story. Satsuki’s interaction with the old woman leads to a warning about a second dream, one which will play a significant role in Satsuki’s healing process. The old woman tells her that. “You are going to have a dream soon about a large snake […] think of it as your life, and hold on to it with all your strength” (Murakami 5). This dream contrasts with Satsuki’s rabbit dream in the way it represents overcoming her fears instead of hiding from them. Satsuki is now forced to confront the horrors

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