For Whom The Bell Tolls Archetypes Essay

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The smallest, simplest thing like a feather can mean absolutely nothing to one, but to someone else, it can hold a lot of meaning and symbolize a lot. In Ernest Hemingway’s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, that was inspired by his foreign correspondent during the Spanish Civil War, one can notice that he used a lot of archetypes and symbols to portray the protagonist Robert Jordan’s adventure, he experienced during the mission he was given to blow up a bridge. Hemingway was able to use a number of archetypes and symbols to clearly portray what was happening and not only did it made the novel more meaningful, it also added depth to the novel by creating an ambiance. The frequent mention of the pine needles, Robert Jordan’s journey, and a hunting…show more content…
In this novel, Maria, Agustín, Pillar, and Anselmo, whom Robert Jordan met during his journey, can be considered as the hunting group of companions. They were Robert Jordan’s loyal companions who were willing to risk their life to help him blow up the bridge. This group of people knew that there is a huge chance that this whole plan will fail but because of the deal that they made and because they wanted to keep their word, they didn’t betray Robert Jordan and went through with the plan. These people know that they can just leave Robert Jordan and make him suffer, but instead, they didn’t. Even though they have suffered a lot because of the constant loss of the lives of their companions, they still kept on this brave face and went on with the mission even though they know that they are risking their own lives. This group of people continued on in this dangerous, difficult, and threathening mission without anyone bailing out because they will give their all just to stick together. They know that they will have a hard journey ahead after they finished the mission but still, they stuck to each other and helped each other

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