The Memory Keeper's Daughter Literary Analysis

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In the novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, by Edwards, the protagonist David discovers that his secrets follow him around, waiting to come out. Told in third person point-of-view, the author supports her theme by describing the setting of a world full of lies and deceit, establishing the central conflict of how secrets haunt people and they do not allow people to live freely. This affects the work as a whole because Edward’s purpose is to inform the readers about the power that secrets have in order to demonstrate that secrets have the ability to take over people’s life and the people around them. She creates a mood of suspense for an audience of young adults. The author’s treatment of how secrets will not allow people to live in peace…show more content…
When he goes back to his childhood home and is held prisoner by a pregnant teenager, the secret that he alive. And in the moment at the beach with his wife, he almost lets his secret escape because he loves her and the guilt became too much for him to handle. Even though David was able to keep held onto for so many years came out. To a complete stranger he confessed that “Phoebe is my daughter,’ he said, astonished to hear himself speaking, yet compelled beyond reason to tell his story, this secret he’d kept for so many years. ‘But I haven’t seen her since the day she was born.’ He hesitated, then force himself to say it. ‘I gave her away” (Edwards 271). David held onto his secret for so long that he could not keep it cooped up any longer. The part of him that he did not want anybody to know about was exposed at his weakest moment. In his weakest moment he spilled his guts out to a stranger he barely met because in that moment after everything that happen, he needed to set his secret free so he could get some peace. Once he confessed, David changed. He accepted Paul’s decision to go to Juilliard and he moved to a new house with Rosemary. Moving away helped David isolate himself from his family. Many people isolate themselves from their love ones when they are hiding something from

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