Life Of Immigrants In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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Introduction The Jungle is a novel that is based on the life of immigrants in the early twentieth century. The novel is written by Upton Sinclair, who wanted to show the life of people who came to America from other countries to try and make a better life for them a phenomenon that continues to the present day. Some people manage to make a better life while others are faced with daunting challenges making them question the decision they made to relocate to another country in the quest for a better life. The novel starts on a high by taking readers straight to a wedding in Chicago of two immigrants, Jurgis and Ona who have emigrated from Lithuania with their families. Though they are married, they have to go to work the very next day as opposed to a honeymoon. The couple together with their family struggle for survival in America, working as hard as possible to make ends meet but still they cannot make it. Many of them die and Jurgis comes out as a defeated man even joining the crime life. In the end, Jurgis is shown as a…show more content…
Jurgis and Ona are truly in a jungle of struggle where survival is the only thing one can do. The American dream in this jungle s not possible since every penny earned is spent of food, shelter, and medical expenses. This ties people to the vicious cycle of poverty making them ever reliant on their oppressive employers. The poor living and working conditions that people working in the factories had to go through just to make a living shows their will to make ends meet. Employers come out as selfish people whose interests are to increase profits at the expense of their employee’s well-being and quality of their products. The government waited for far too long to address the issues in this place making them equal culprits but their desire to make things right reconstructs its

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