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African culture and music has held an important role in the music and culture across the globe. Key characteristics have made this music popular and allowed for other cultures to pull on these ideas. Collective participation and group involvement is one of these characteristics that can be seen in almost every culture today that have roots in African music. One place in particular, Brazil, took the African influence from the northeast, one of the heaviest African influenced areas in Brazil, and made it an important piece of their national style. This influence can be seen in the instrumentation, display, rhythms, and almost all aspects of music. These influences came to the forefront in Brazil during their search for a national identity and…show more content…
Samba had been a marginalized style of music and this move was just an example of how this occurred. A famous celebration comes before lint in Brazil. This celebration is known as carnival. Carnival is letting out all people can before they have to give up what they choose for lent. However, this was generally celebrated privately for upper class citizens. However, the marginalized samba schools held their own celebrations in the streets. The government did not, at first, support these celebrations, but that would change. These celebrations held key African influenced aspects that showed Samba was heavily African influenced. The music utilized the basic drums, rattles, and bell just as the typical African ensemble. In addition, during these celebrations, people were heavily encouraged to participate in the celebration. People can join in and grab an instrument to become part of the parade and celebration. In most of the samba music itself, there is ostinato with improve on top, with call and response amongst the band and the audience. The audiences dances and participates in the music and the celebration could not be more communal. All art forms are contained in the celebration. Each year there is a theme chosen and floats and built and designed around this theme. Artistic skills are a key aspect in the celebration. The question then remains, how did this music and celebration become such a major aspect of Brazilian

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