Cyrus The Great: The Loss Of Cyrus Early Life

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Cyrus the Great was the founder and King of the Persian Empire. Cyrus was born in approximately 580 BC and in 588 BC he became the King of Anshan after his father King Cambyses I of Anshan death (Cyrus Soart). Many sources of Cyrus early life has been damaged or lost, therefore; we do not have very much information about his early life. Many historians believe that Cyrus the Great was raised by herding folks. It is believed that as a baby Cyrus was left in a mountain to die by Astyages because he believed one day Cyrus would take over his thrown. This made Cyrus a threat to Astyages and caused Astyages to want Cyrus died. Once Cyrus was older he turned against Astyages to take back what was rightfully his and in 550 BCE Cyrus the Great conquered the Median Empire. This brought both the Median and Persian together which began the building of the first world empire. This was just the beginning for Cyrus. He had the largest empire in history as at this time as he ruled Syria, Judea, and Mesopotamia (Cyrus Soart).…show more content…
Although he was a strong and powerful conqueror, people saw his as their redeemer. He treated people equally regardless of religion or ethic background. He allowed the people of Jerusalem to go back home. This was big deal as Babylon held more than 40,000 Jews in imprisonment (Cyrus Soart). Another shock for the Jewish people was that Cyrus gave them money to help them rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. The Jewish people saw gods hand on Cyrus and because of his kindness and his right doing, Cyrus the Great was received the name “the anointed of the

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