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The Salem Witch Trials: History Over Looked Immense hysteria, hostile land, supernatural enemies, all precursors to the infamous Salem Witch Trials which took over more than just the town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, it petrified most of the New England colonies. In all United States’ courthouses today, people are innocent until proven guilty, but back in 1692 people were guilty until proven innocent. With the corrupt court system that existed in the United States, it was nearly impossible to be found innocent once people believed that [the person accused] was possessed by the spirit of Satan. (Brackets, mine) Most people in today’s society, who have no real knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials, believe that hundreds of people were killed…show more content…
Tituba was a South American woman who was captured then bought by Samuel Parris who brought Tituba to Salem to work for his family. Being from South America, she had many different views of the world that went against the Puritan ways. For example, witchcraft was a big part of who she was. She casted spells as well as practiced voo-doo on a regular basis. Which intrigued the sheltered Puritan girls. Therefore every night Tituba would watch the girls she would tell stories about witchcraft. The girls kept the story nights on hushed tones, in the fear that they would be punished for listening to the sinful stories. Soon, there were a large group of girls who would come over to hear the folk…show more content…
And to fulfill his role as the leader of the Puritan Church of Salem, Samuel and his wife Elizabeth, spent many long days and nights working at the church and devoting their lives to ridding the world of evil spirits. However, wile Samuel and Elizabeth Parris were away the evil spirits at home were going to play. Wile Mr. and Mrs. Parris were away Tituba would watch the Parris kids Thomas, Betty, and Susahanna, along with their cousin Abigail Williams. The Salem Witch Trials started with Betty and Abigail not being able to sleep one night. Tituba let the girls watch as the practiced looking into the future and told stories of the magic and evil forces that she encountered as a slave in the Caribbean. And as the story goes on every night it seemed as though one or two more girls would join in on the stories and forbidden practices. The girls ranged in ages from eight to twenty. The girls called themselves the “Circle

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