Simplistic Analysis Of The Beach Boys Annotated

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People often times overlook all the different aspects and characteristics that songs posses. Music is created through brining a variety of sounds together and overlapping carefully chosen lyrics on top of those sounds. Taking the time to fully analyze the lyrics and music that a song consists of will allow one to fully see the meaning of songs and why the artists created them. The lyric, “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys, became one of the most popular songs in its era due to its thorough creation and unique sound. “Good Vibrations” started being written by Tony Asher in 1966 along with their new album, Pet Sounds (The Story of The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’). When the album was finally finished, “Good Vibrations” didn’t make it on…show more content…
It offers an intense beat that is strong and profound. This simplistic introduction for the song aids in setting the foundation for the song as a whole. Right from the very start, Wilson utilizes the vocal ranges of every member of the group to create a unique harmony. The initial lyrics describe the various features of a woman and depict her beauty. Like a majority of the songs from this era, “Good Vibrations” has to do with love. The love for this woman is truly illustrated through the detailed descriptions of her beauty going from the clothes she wears to the way her perfume carries through the…show more content…
The first verse reuses the beat that was applied in the introduction and reinstates the intense and unsure feelings that the woman possesses. The starting lines, “Close my eyes, she’s somehow closer now”, further shows the love that the man has for her but also shows how he hasn’t quite captured her love. These lines symbolize that her love continues to grow for him but at this stage he can still only imagine it. His love is detailed throughout the verse despite the underlying concern of the overall outcome of their love. Similar to the introduction, the verse swiftly changes into the same chorus through the use of percussions and the infamous Tannerin. Though, when this chorus ends, a whole new sound and portion of the song is

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