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The year 1962 was a scary time to live in Salem, Massachusetts, especially if you were a teenager. The town of Salem was out for justice for the strange behavior of teens. The Salem Witch Trials began at this time. In the Salem Witch Trials, men and women were falsely accused of witchcraft, tried and convicted for things they didn’t do, and executed as a result. Over 200 men and women were falsely accused of witchcraft. The accusations started in Salem Village and then spread to the surrounding areas. One example of how false accusations started center around a the daughter of town’s reverend. The daughter and her cousin began acting strange and having fits. Their strange behavior was believed to have been the result of being victim to…show more content…
The two girls were relunctant to tell anyone the cause of their odd behavior. So, a neighbor resorted to a known remedy that would make the girls talk. The procedure consisted of baking a cake with the girls urine, and then feed it to a dog. After all this was done the two girls started to name who was behind the strange behavior—making false accusations. The people who were named were among the lower social status of the town. One of the women named was an Indian slave and another was a homeless mother. Other accusations were made simply from a person having birthmarks, warts, or moles. It was believed it was through these marks that satan entered the body. Another example of false accusations came from anyone who said they saw a ghost or spirit. Those that said they saw a ghost or spirit was accused of being a witch. Women who yelled at their husband in public, pinching people while they slept, harming animals, or if someone got sick and did not get…show more content…
If someone confessed to witchcraft, there would be no trial. Those people would be saved from death. Some men and women were talked into confessing. If there was no confession, those people would be tried and tortured until they confessed or be executed. One of the first trials of that of Bridget Bishop of Salem. She was accused and found guilty of witchcraft. Having been found guilty, Bridget Bishop was hung on June 10, 1692. During the Salem Witch Trials, a total of 47 people confessed and avoided trial (What about Witches; Salem Witch Museum; "The Witch House (Jonathan Corwin House), Salem, Massachusetts; Over View Continued). Execution was the result of those that did not confess to witchcraft. A total of twenty men and women were executed during the Salem Witch Trials. Of those twenty men and women some were hung, crushed to death, or burned at the steak. Others died in prisons. In addition to people being executed, two dogs were shot and killed. They too were accused of being possessed with witchcraft. According to Rebecca Beatrice Brooks (August 18, 2011), the following 19 were found guilty and executed: Bridget Bishop (June 10,

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