The Day Of The Triffids Character Analysis

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“When a day that you happen to know is Wednesday starts off by sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere."(1) In his novel, The Day of the Triffids, written in 1951, the author John Wyndham introduces the audience to the main character Bill who was admitted to the hospital due to Triffids poison that got into his eyes while at work. Triffids are well developed plants that produce high quality vegetable oil, and to feed the people of London a European Company developed an entire industry around framing them. While in the hospital Bill noticed that something about today was off. He explained "But this morning was different. No wheels rumbled, no buses roared, no sound of any kind, in fact, was to be heard."(5) He became frightened and…show more content…
Coker states “We’ve all got to understand as much as we can, and live as intelligently as we can, in order to give him the most we can. It’s going to mean hard work and more thinking for all of us. Changed conditions must mean changed outlooks.” Meaning that it is both the man and woman duty to do just as much as the men in order to survive. Man only is not enough anymore, adapting to the new customs After discovering Josella at Shirning Farm Bill knew that he was whole again. Both Bill and Josella made themselves quite at home. As years went past Bill finds himself adapting more into the farmland, by keeping records of their supplies in journals, farming crops and building bob wired fences to keep the triffids out. Adapting to the country life, Bill find its more pleasant there than in the city. He explained “When I was by myself in the country I could recall the pleasantness of the former life: among the scabrous, slowly perishing buildings I seemed able to recall only the muddle, the frustration, the unaimed drive, the all-pervading clangor of empty vessels, and I became uncertain how much we had lost.”

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