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Strange behavior from young girls in the town of Salem, Massachusetts led to a travesty that changed history. The events that occurred in 1692 led to wrongful arrests and even executions after accusations spread of people practicing witchcraft. A combination of many things including pure adolescent boredom led to the Salem Witch Trials. Salem consisted of Puritan people who believed that a few young girls in their town had become bewitched (“Puritan Life”). The motivation of the girls is questionable and uncertain. In order to fully understand what happened one must analyze the history of the puritans, what led to the trials, as well as the trials, and the people involved. The Salem Witch Trials were much more than just a witch-hunt…show more content…
In the manuscript of Martha Cory’s Examination she is held accountable for harming the girls in court. The judge states, “Do not you see these children & women are rational & sober as their neighbours when your hands are fastened immediately they were seized with fitts,” but Martha denies harming the young girls or being a witch. Regardless she is put to death on September 22, 1692 because of the actions of the young girls ("Martha Corey Executed, September 22, 1692.”). The girls continued to accuse more people, acting wildly in court as if they were pinched, bit, or strangled claiming to be inflicted by those practicing witchcraft in order to make their accusations credible. Thomas and Ann who were Ann Putnam's parents also accused dozens of townspeople of witchcraft. Many of these people were enemies of the Putnam family. This includes the accusations made by Ann against Rebecca Nurse and George Burroughs that were most likely due to old family disputes ("Salem Witch Trials.”). It seems very unlikely that those who were accused actually were actually involved in

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