Loss In The Movie 'Whiplash'

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Loss Makes Them Great It seems that in order for the world to meet a new person who is great at what they do, they must suffer a consequence. Many amazing stars and artists have paid a painful price for their fame, a price they have to live with for the rest of their days. It seems to be this way for everyone, in real life and also in themes relating to movies. In the movie “Whiplash”, the two main characters, Andrew Neiman and Terence Fletcher, both have to suffer an extreme loss before they can fully fulfill their goal. Through these losses, gains begin to show up later, not only in the case of these two characters, but in other people in the eyes of fame. Andrew Neiman is a young freshman at Shaffer Conservatory and dreams to become one…show more content…
He works hard to make sure that his band members are the best they can be, pushing his students beyond limits. Verbal and mental abuse seem to be the only way that he can convey his passion into teaching jazz music. Unfortunately it causes extreme problems for his students. The increase in stress is what seemed to have made Andrew snap during his time at Shaffer. Because of that, Andrew ultimately leads to the downfall of Terence Fletcher’s teaching career, seemingly ending Fletcher’s dream all together. Andrew tries to lead a normal life, doing the basic things that any average person would do. Working at what seems to be a dead end job, living in a crummy apartment, and trying to be as normal as any human being can be. But still the urge to be an amazing jazz drummer and changing his future for ever eats away at the back of his mind, and dream he believes he was born to accomplish. His path soon leads him back to Terence Fletcher, and back on track to him following his…show more content…
The first time any actor or musician tries drugs, I believe that it would make them forget about the constant eye on them, relieve the stress and ease any kind of depression or mental issue. Because of that fact, celebrities will become addicted to these drugs, because when they are high, there is nothing in the world that could possibly bring them down. Due to the extreme case of addiction, most of the extremely heavy celebrity drug users that do not get help, end up succumbing to internal body damage and dying because of

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