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PharMerica Corporation (PMC) Company Overview: - PharMerica Corporation operates as an institutional pharmacy services company in the United States of America. PharMerica is the pharmacy standard for healthcare facilities who require cost-effective solutions, integrity and comprehensive pharmacy services. PharMerica Corporation most important principles are Value, Trust, and Performance. All principles lead company’s strategic and operational decisions. ****************************************************************** Cash (12/11) $17.4M Insider’s Holdings 34.48% Market Cap 1.04B Equity 487.10M Share Outstanding 30 M Gross Margins 13.13% Share Outstanding (Diluted) 30.65M Operating Margin 4.48% ROE 2.45% Dividends…show more content…
PharMerica Corporation operates as an institutional pharmacy services corporation that serves healthcare facilities, provides pharmacy organization services to hospitals, gives specialty combination services to patients outside a hospital, and offers the national oncology pharmacy in the United States of America. PharMerica operates 98 institutional pharmacies, 14 specialty centers, and 5 specialty oncology pharmacies in 47 states. The organization’s consumers are normally institutional healthcare suppliers, such as capable nursing services, assisted living amenities, hospitals, individuals getting in-home care and other long-term care providers. The organization provides pharmacy products and care services to inhabitants and patients in capable nursing services, assisted living amenities, hospitals, and other long-term alternative care settings. The corporation buys, repackages, and dispenses prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals as per the doctor’s request and gives such medication to healthcare amenities for association to individual patients and…show more content…
Theses healthcare providers offer their services and expertise generally to institutional pharmacies and also plays an important role in monitoring patient medication regimens and safety. They provide additional services in patient specific packaging in accordance with physician instructions. Pharmaceutical Services in the United States is over $ 54.6 billion and the market composed of over 5 different organizations including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co. Eli Lilly & Co., and McKesson who provide services to millions of people not just in US but all over the world. The industry is highly regulated by FDA to ensure safety and efficiency of medicines, competition regulations and insurance regulations from the government. Key issues in the industry are getting patent done, and initial investment in the product development. US Pharmacy and drug sales was $236.17B in 2013, which shows gradual increase from 1992 worth $77.79B. According to the statistics, US total medical spending in the year 2014 was $374B.All these statistics shows that the market of US for Pharmaceutical products have been increasing every

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