Depression In 'The Amazing Absorbing Boy'

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Thesis: Human beings have a tendency to go in a state of depression depending on the circumstances. In the novel, The Amazing Absorbing Boy, Rabindranath Maharaj uses the story of a complex character representing how he overcame the burdens of his depressing life. In the poem Field of skulls, Mary Karr uses her feelings of depression to represent the darkness in life. Society is essential to alter the state of mind in depression. Idiosyncratic associations: “Don’t ask why I began to wonder where these mole people were going because this is the only answer I can come up with: it was another game to get my mind away from the murderer and the situation in my father’s apartment” (Maharaj 41) “drinking gin after the I Love Lucy reruns have gone…show more content…
 In the poem, drinking alcohol and watching I Love Lucy, which is an entertainment show means that the person is trying to get out of the state of depression  Both these quotes emphasize how they are trying to forget the depressing moments in their lives and see something that will distract their minds.  This shows how the we as humans are less depressed when we are surrounded by people, whether it is in real life or on television Cause and effect organization: “I chose a safer observation. If you cross the road you could come to a different country.”(Maharaj 120) “You know such fields exist, for criminals roam your very block” (Karr  In the novel, Samuel compares how the multiculturalism of Canada is like different countries on a street. Brown, black, white there all over the place, in different areas. Samuel feels very isolated as no one talks to him  In the poem Karr talks about how sometimes the bad/criminal people are near you and can affect your mind.  Both these quotes shows how people around us affect the way in which we think, and express our feelings

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