False Hope In King Lear By R. A. Foakes

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Have you ever felt like you wanted something so much, but knew you could not get it? This could be called false hope, which is when you look forward to doing something that may or may not happen. In King Lear edited by R.A. Foakes there is false hope being portrayed throughout the play. In the play there is a great deal of evil, immorality, and perverted values. There is, however, a sense of hope in order to provide the reader with the idea that there can be human goodness that can exist even when there is evil, immorality, and perverted values existing. However, it is questionable if evil and hope can mix together or if they will just turn into false hope. There are many examples of false hope explored in the play due to the madness and corruption that exists in King Lear. For instance, in Act 1 Scene 1 the first type of falseness is revealed when there is corruption, violence, and misery. King Lear creates a competitive environment, based on how much love his daughters present to him, which creates false hope. The issue with this is that when you try to prove love equally, it may cause trouble. Out of the three daughters of…show more content…
For example, over the summer I went to a concert in Las Vegas. I forgot my ID for the concert and the man that worked for security said I could not go in, even though I brought copies of my passport and ID. Anyway, the next day my friend and I drove three hours to meet my dad to get my valid passport because the only reason why we went to Vegas was to see the two concerts. When we showed up to the concert the “top security” man said that he would not let me in even though I had my valid ID with me. For some reason, this man had something against me. Luckily, we ran into his boss and he apologized and let me in. This shows how the man who would not let me in was being immorally unfair. He gave us false hope of letting us into the concert for no

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