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I am interested in Rosa Parks because I enjoy how she actually stood up for what she believed in. Also because I learned about her in school and I think she is a very fearless person. She also changed the world for the better. What I also like about Rosa parks is the she did everything in her power to get what she thought the world should really be like. Also because Rosa Parks makes me feel like I could change the world just like her and when i think about it she makes me feel fearless. Rosa Parks was born on February 4 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama. Her mother was a well educated school teacher and her father was a carpenter but he left when Rosa was a little girl. After her father left Rosa , her mother and her brother Sylvester…show more content…
Raymond shared many interests with Rosa like not letting white people treat him unfairly, which means, he was against it too. Rosa and Raymond had many similarities . For example, Raymond's father also left when he was little, just like Rosa’s father. Also Raymond cared for his mother when she became ill. Raymond and Rosa fell in love. They got married in her mother’s home in Pine Level on December 18 1932. Raymond encouraged Rosa to finish high school. And short after, she received her diploma in 1943. After Rosa and Raymond got married they moved to Montgomery. There they learned about NAACP {National Association for the advancement of colored people}. In 1943 Rosa became part of the civil rights movement. She joined the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP. She was elected president secretary and assisted the chapter’s president E.D Nixon. Rosa and Raymond put much of their time and energy into the organization. They hoped it would help change how blacks were treated in the South. Also because they felt a strong cause for blacks to be able to vote. Like other citizen blacks are allowed to vote but first you had to register with the government in the South, but whites tried to keep blacks from voting. In the south whites tried to keep blacks from registering sometimes the threatened black people who tried to…show more content…
On Montgomery buses blacks had to enter through the back door the fair box however was in the front of the bus so blacks people had to go up front pay get of and then go in through the back. Bus companies only accepted white drivers many of them were unkind or cruel to blacks. Sometimes bus drivers pulled away before blacks could get to the back even after they paid their fair . One day in 1943 after Rosa was turned away from voting she boarded a bus at the front door and paid her fair the bus was very crowded blacks who were forced to stan blocked the back door she would have a difficult time trying to get through instead she walk through the aiel to the back of the bus the bus driver told her to get off the bus and go in through the back Rosa said that she was already on the bus and that there was no need to get off. The bus driver said to do as he said or get off the bus altogether Rosa didn’t move. The bus driver got out of his seat and angrily threatened Rosa. Rosa knew the driver had a gun so she got off and waited for the next one. On December 1 1955 Rosa boarded a montgomery bus and sat in the middle three other black people sat in the same row. A white man boarded the bus after all of the seats were taken the driver told everyone in Rosa’s row to move the other three seats had to stay empty because blacks and whites

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