Roots Of African American Popular History Summary

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(Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1998). In the book Afrotopia the Roots of African American Popular History the author, Wilson Moses explores the 18th century and thereafter exploring, researching, and analyzing the pros and cons of Afrocentrism, Egyptocentrism, and multiculturalism. Moses a Ph.D. in American Civilization from Brown University in 1975 and teaches several areas of intellectual history, primarily American. He has published six single-author books, often featuring the philosophical idealism of two African American intellectuals, who studied in nineteenth century Europe. Afrocentrism is the ideology of the history of Black people and the concept African ancestry is a key facet of black identity throughout the…show more content…
However, he is weak in the category of separating the fact that Afrocentricity is a critical theory rather than an actual practice. After reading an article by Dr. Asante about Afrocentricity it is similar, but different from the term Moses use known as Afrocentrism. Moses identifies most African scholars as Afrocentrist even though they themselves would not just because they wrote very Afrocentric pieces, like Du Bois. Moses may have a Ph.D. in American Civilization, but it’s because of this that he is somewhat blinded by other European views as he is not just focusing on African culture, but Black American culture. Moses makes some strong arguments in this book arguing, but he does not seem to full analyze everything about Afrocentricity and Afrocentrist, but only enough to get the basic and say only what he wants to perceive on the subject. Most things he says are accurate and true as he has read many works from other intellectual Black people who have studied history, like Dr. Asante and Du Bois and I can agree with what he says as it has let me see myths behind African history, but he does not seem to understand the full theoretical grasp of Afrocentricity as Black scholars are not trying to control or manipulate history for the most part. It may seem like it is what their intention is, but it is more or less just a study of theory on the subject which can be misinterpreted if not understood correctly which Moses seems to do. However, Moses shows us that Afrocentrism is not solely just for black scholars to use as a theory, but something that white scholars use to show the great myths that are behind this

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