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The amount of description decreases in the topic that the author believes his audience knows the best: the Hamburger. This typical dish is the stereotype of the only meal a man should know how to cook. Grilling is in the XY chromosome, and as Thorson opens the chapter: “if you’ve cooked at all, you’ve probably cooked hamburgers.” (page) He qualifies the burger as “the great American cookout” and makes the reader understand that is his male responsibility to know how to grill. (page)In her essay, Rebecca Swenson borrows the Inness’ description of the “male cooking mystique” to exemplify the role of each gender in the kitchen. “ Men should cook manly food…if men cook meals besides meat it should be a rare event and cause for applause.”…show more content…
Thorson explicitly gives an honest advise to his reader at the beginning of the second chapter: “being helpless is unattractive.” (Tough guys, 22) Therefor man had to start learning how to do tasks that were previously known as…show more content…
His techniques to engage a male audience into the art of cooking are far more effective while using explicit language throughout the book. Based on statistical inference, a team of psychologist of the Northern Illinois University was the first ones to prove a positive correlation within the accurate use of profanity and persuasion in a speech. “These results provide the first demonstration of the persuasive power of obscenity, and they suggest that judiciously used obscenity can increase persuasion, at least within the context of a pro-attitudinal speech.” (persuasion) According to Cory Scherer and Brad Sagarin, Thorson’s tone and profane language can engage the audience further to the reading, making it easier for him to accomplish man to transition to their new expectations, and subsequently making Tough Guys Don’t Dice a stronger artifact to evaluate the social implications of the

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