Romeo And Juliet Passion Essay

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The theme “When passion overrules reason, tragedy often follows” reoccurs in the book Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. This means that your passion (love or hate) for something can distract you from using reason and without really thinking, bad things can follow. The fact that the book is hundreds of years old, the theme still represented in this day in the real world. The characters in Romeo and Juliet express the theme multiple times throughout the book, some of them characters are Tybalt, Juliet, and Romeo. One example is when Tybalt says this to his uncle when Romeo came to the party, “Uncle, this is a Montague our foe; A villain that is hither come in spite to scorn at our solemnity this night” (I.5.59-61). The hate passion Tybalt has for Romeo is common in all the…show more content…
This leads to the tragedy that Juliet’s dad won’t let her marry Romeo, because he is a Montague. This also led to the death of Mercutio, because Tybalt is full of hate and wants to create more problems and Romeo didn’t want to fight, so he didn’t fight well enough. Another tragedy is when Juliet wakes up from her fake death and says “What’s here? A cup closed in my true love’s hand? Poison, I see hath been his timeless end” (V.3.274). Juliet didn’t reason that drinking the potion could be a lot worse than waiting a year to run away with Romeo. Her impatience to be with Romeo as soon as she could, lead to her worst nightmare, Romeo died because he thought she was dead. It may seem that it wasn’t her fault that Romeo died, because the guy who was supposed to send the message didn’t do his job, but she actually shouldn’t have drink the potion anyway. There were many things that could have gone wrong and end up making things worse than they were, and it happen. Friar Laurence blames Romeo for attempting suicide when he is facing banishment for Tybalt’s killing, he says “Hold thy desperate hand: Art thou a man?

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