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Romeo And Juliet Outline I. Romeo and Juliet is known for the timelessness of the story,It can be read to any generation and the love story is interpreted. A. Most of the audience can identify will the main characters as a young couple who fall madly in love with each other at first sight. B. Even though everyone knows who the story will come an end, they continue to read the story. II. Romeo and Juliet was originated from an italian novel The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet written in 1562. A. Shakespeare’s audience already knew about the background behind this version of Romeo and Juliet. B. The background of Romeo and Juliet was worth more in Shakespeare’s hands. III. Shakespeare speaks of Romeo and Juliet as “Star-Crossed lovers”…show more content…
IV. Shakespeare himself may have not imparted this conviction with individuals. A. They accepted that the course of their lives was incompletely controlled by hour,day,month, and year of their introduction to the world consequently "the stars" under which they were conceived. B. Julius Caesar once said “ The Fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves , that we are subordinates. V. Shakespeare's utilization of his idyllic sensational structure, particularly impacts, for example, exchanging in the middle of parody and catastrophe to uplift pressure. A. The play credits distinctive wonderful structures to diverse characters, some of the time changing the structure as the character creates. B. Romeo adapts just of Juliet's passing and chooses to murder himself as opposed to live without her. He purchases a vial of toxin from a hesitant Apothecary, then speeds back to Verona to take his own life at Juliet's tomb. C. Romeo happens upon Paris, who is dispersing blossoms on Juliet's grave. They battle, and Romeo executes Paris. Vl. Romeo finds Juliet

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