Kristin Chenoweth Argumentative Analysis

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Kristin Chenoweth, a petite 47-year-old singer and actress, has always had a distinguishable voice in terms of power, pitch, and quality. Even though her talking voice seems rather high in pitch, her voice is typical and not disordered, despite the immense amount of time her voice is in use. Kristin displays numerous acceptable qualities in her voice including proper use of intonation, pauses, and normal disfluencies such as the filler phrase “um.” In addition to speaking, Kristin uses her voice to sing; both singing and speaking have created her profession. Since she performs for huge venues, she always uses amplification and microphones to project her voice to avoid overuse. According to Kristin Chenoweth’s biography, Kristin studied Musical…show more content…
Considering that 15 wpb is average, Kristin is 3.75 words above average, which leaves no room for concern. In the minute clip I observed of Kristin, from 5:38 to 6:38 in the PBS interview from November 27, 2014, Kristin spoke 207 wpm, which is well over the typical rate of 150 wpm. According to Wilson’s PowerPoint, Voice Fingerprint, any deviance from the average of 150 words/minute is normal; wpm is unique for everyone. Kristin’s high words per breath score of 18.75 wpb and words per minute score of 207 wpm provide an overview of her rhythm of speech. She is a fast spoken individual, who clearly knows what she wants to say and says it quickly, especially when she is telling a story. Kristin’s prosody--stress and intonation patterns, pitch, loudness, and rate (Wilson, 2015), is very unique. Since Kristin is constantly exposed to the theatrical delivery of stage lines, she has adapted her speaking voice to embody these same “stage-like” characteristics by speaking with adequate intonation and stress, and with great volume; Kristin does not speak

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