Romeo And Juliet And Pride And Prejudice Comparative Essay

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In, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and, ‘pride and prejudice’, Shakespeare and Jane Austen show that love can be based on romance, duty or financial consideration, it can be short lived and tragic love like Romeo’s love for Juliet and Rosaline. Yet regardless of both texts being completely different, one being a play and the other a novel, they both use a variety of techniques to portray feelings of love. In the beginning of, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare in his prologue introduces, “star cross’d lovers.” Here Shakespeare presents the idea of fate, that two people are destined to hopelessly fall in love, from this the reader can already infer there will be an unbreakable bond of love between two characters. This then predicts the atmosphere of the rest of the play, which is based on love.…show more content…
This presents marriage as incredibly important and of upmost importance for women. Although in the present day we see the need for mutual attraction while in the Elizabethan era that was disregarded. Due to the time in which it was written, the 19th century, marriage did not include love, and were often arranged for convenience. We can also infer from this that marriage will be a huge theme in this book. The main female protagonists in the two texts both break the status quo in their period s and are determined to fight for what they want, and refuse the arranged marriages they are presented with, thus they seem to be portrayed as

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