Role Of Library In National Development Essay

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National development refers to political, industrial, socio-economic, technological growth or advancement, modernization, equal distribution of income and national resources to upgrade the living standards of people by using a country’s human, institutional and natural resources. Human resources are the invaluable asset of a nation. They are key driver and vital component for the development of any nation. Well informed and literate populace can make significant contributions in the progress and prosperity of a nation. Amartya Sen stated that, “Widespread participation in a global economy would have been hard to accomplish if people could not read or write, or produce according to specifications or instructions”. Therefore, education is imperative for the overall development of the citizenry. It is a fundamental right of every citizen. It is the essence of Human Resource Development, which plays a significant and remedial role in balancing the socio-economic…show more content…
Libraries provide evidence based high quality healthcare information to the people. HELP - Health Education Library for People, situated in Mumbai, is world's largest free library on consumer health information. It is largest patient education center which has more than 11,000 authentic books on possibly every aspect of health and diseases, along with pamphlets, health care magazines, and an exhaustive audiovisual section. “Library and information resources were perceived as valuable, and the information obtained was seen as having an impact on patient care (Marshall)”. “Libraries and librarians can contribute to the health of their communities through their involvement with health literacy initiatives and by keeping literacy issues at the forefront (Burnham, 2005)”. Libraries can collaborate with other organizations/NGOs working in their communities involved in educational activities to make its resources accessible to the

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