Role Of Government In Antigone

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In Antigone, written by Sophocles is a play about two brothers who kill each other and one, Eteocles, would be buried as a hero to the city of Thebes and the other, Polynices, will not be buried because he was considered a traitor. One sister of Eteocles and Polynices, Antigone, has to choose between God’s rule or the king, Creon’s rule. Antigone decides to go against her uncle, the king Creon, and bury Polynices because she believes that religion and family is greater than government. Throughout the play, the question and recurring theme is: is God’s rule greater than man’s rule? This is very controversial because it is morals versus government. Throughout this story, Sophocles’ protagonist, Creon, show the six traits of Aristotle’s tragic…show more content…
A noble character means that they are in the highest class, but also that they possess outstanding moral qualities that people admire. Creon was in the highest class, but does not necessarily have moral qualities that people admire because he had to obey his own laws. The people believe that he is noble and stature because they think that the Gods sent him to be the king. “But look, the king of the realm is coming,/ Creon, the new man for the new day,/ whatever the gods are sending now…” (Sophocles. 66. 173-175). The king is supposed to have the highest title and most important judgement for his people. “Of course you cannot know a man completely,/ his character, his principles, sense of judgement,/ not till he’s shown his colors, ruling the people,/ making laws” (67. 194-197). What is interpreted from Creon saying this is that people do not show who they really are until they have power. This does not mean that people will change once they have power, it just shows how people truly are. Because Creon is the most noble mortal person, this allows Sophocles to show why Creon thinks that his judgement is greater than the God’s and he can speak for them. “You say-why it’s intolerable-say the gods/ could have the slightest concern for that corpse?” (73. 319-320). This proves why the theme: is God’s rule greater than man’s rule? is prevalent because Creon is the…show more content…
Creon finally understood the importance of the blind prophet, Tiresias speech. At the beginning of the play, Creon acted as if he was the most supreme being and at the end “I don’t even exist-I’m no one” (Sophocles. 126. 1446). Creon was feeling guilty for his son and wife’s death, so he admitted to himself that he messed up. He admitted that “whatever I touch goes wrong” (127. 1464). Creon even said “my crimes” which proved that he truly realized what he had done. Because Creon said this, it shows that the he broke his own personal law. This proves that the theme: is God’s rule greater than man’s rule? is prevalent because Creon understood how much his actions were

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