Role Conflict In College Essay

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It's very easy to have role conflict as a college student. The commitment to the study and the time contribution one has to dedicate in order to earn a living can be tough. The people in general enroll in college for different reasons some to upgrade their careers, this can be either due to ascribed status if the person is required by a certain institution to meet an education requirement in order to hold or upgrade their current status in a position or this can and others to explore the job market that can be very challenging and competitive in terms of achieving a certain status. In particular if I can further elaborate my point by using the example of the job market in the United States. The idea of how the demand for blue collars has been on the decline for almost two decades. This stagnation of the manufacturing industry along with the technological advances have a continuous to change the U.S labor market into a market that emphasizes more on the services rather than manufacturing. So, the skilled workers are also forced to attend the schools in order not to…show more content…
The well privileged don't really need any higher education in to survive and keep the privileged status they can just do fine with out enrolling in a school system and the international students choose their status of becoming the international students out of their thrust for education and skills. They enroll into this status mostly by choice. However, there still can be some examples, where the privileged and international students are facing the dilemma of role conflict. This is due to the difference in how the society specifically their friends or family views them. In many cases the students do decide to exist their roll of being a student. This can be because either they have to keep on of the two states work to keep the job or stay in

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