Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Essay

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The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost In four stanzas consisting of five stanzas each, Robert Frost uses symbolism, rhyme and irony in The Road Not Taken to discuss the archetypical dilemmas that human beings are faced with when making life choices. In summary, the author paints a scene where he is in the woods and is choosing between two roads to take. The author talks about both roads being equal but opts for one road while re-assuring himself that he will use the other road another day. The author is well aware that he might not take the other road but still speaks as though there will come a time when he will. By deciding on that particular way, the author considers himself as an extraordinary individual because he opted to take the road that has not been travelled by many (Finger, 478-479). This paper explains how Robert Frost employs the use of symbolism, rhyme and…show more content…
For starters, the author does directly tell his readers on what to do when faced with such a dilemma. Irony can also be seen in the topic of the poem where the author opts to title his poem the road not taken. Whereas in the body of the poem, he talks of the road that is less travelled. The use of irony in this poem helps the readers understand the real predicament that comes with the process of decision-making. For example, line 16 which states “I shall be telling this with a sigh” (Frost, 1) illustrates a level of insincerity in future for the author because he is not so sure, whether he done the correct option by taking that path. The irony helps the readers open their mind to the fact that the author may not have been right in choosing the path that he took. This realization by the author is, therefore, poignantly ironic thus giving the poem an interesting feel because readers cannot make a conclusive decision on whether the author has made the right choice or

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