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The bronze sculpture of Donatello by David is about 5' 2 1/4. Donatello is located in Museo Nazionale del Barello, Florence Italy. Donatello was made by various media from a lost-wax casting into bronze to carved marble and a polychrome wood. The marble sculpture of Michelangelo by David it about 17 feet tall that in not including his pedestal. Michelangelo is located in Galleria Dell' Academia located in Florence Italy. The Michelangelo is made of twenty colossal marble, each weighing about thirty-two tons. 2.) In sculpture of Donatello is a bronze by David…show more content…
Michelangelo just stands alone with his stones and slingshot which makes his look brave unlike Donatello body which is half the size of Michelangelo. In the sculptor of Donatello from David it shows us after the fight has already occurred and after he is victorious in battle. In the sculptor of Michelangelo from David it shows us before he is engaged in battle, and before victory has been attained. Donatello sculpture is six feet tall while Michelangelo is about twice his size standing thirteen feet tall. Another physical appearance that they differ is that the Donatello was originally made out of clay first then he was cast in bronze. Michelangelo was just made out of huge block of marble. Michelangelo has a built body, his body is toned as well as his arms you can see his biceps and abs. In Donatello his body is more slim, small and petite, you can hardly see any biceps or abs on him. Donatello's David has a sword in his hand and in Michelangelo's David it has a slingshot in his hand. Michelangelo is more of a mature male sculpture and Donatello is more of a younger

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