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Getting involved in fantasy baseball will be both challenging and addicting. One aspect to keep in mind is the social aspect and the different people who may be involved. The reason is the discussion that can take place about respective teams and player performance. If you are not familiar with fantasy baseball, then a few basics need to be known. The fantasy part of fantasy baseball is the selection of real players around the league. Players will be on different teams and their performance will determine the points a team owner accumulates. One thing a fantasy football participant needs to know is real-life team results do not matter. Most people who have an interest in fantasy baseball will join an online team. Another option is to join a league that includes a group of friends, family members, and even co-workers. Online contests are a great way for anyone to get started with fantasy baseball. There contests require a participant to create a team and pick players based on salary cap. There is a mathematical formula used for calculating points. This includes points for singles, doubles, triples, home runs, and other aspects of the game. There is generally a set of fantasy baseball rules that will apply and will vary based on how a contest is set…show more content…
There will be points, categorical, points and head to head categorical. The traditional format for most fantasy baseball leagues is categorical, as it is the most simple to use. One point is awarded based on the performance of a player. This means an individual could receive one point for a base hit, one point for a double, and so on. The totals for every category need to be totaled before awarding any points to a participant. Points that are earned are often based on total teams in a league. This means a league with ten teams means the total points earned in a specific category is ten. The best team earns the most and the worst team gets at least

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