Terror Horse Short Story

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„What's the matter?” terror horse was shot, this felt this piece void to be surrounded by Forma­tion, this Formation incomparable pro­found mystery , looked stemming from person of high skill's hand, beforehand that illusion , was incomparably wise, came by oneself did not have to real­ize slightly. In fact, these have a large part of reasons is the Jiang Chen reasons, ter­ror horse had recognized a Paragon Sect disciple does not dare to deceive in any event own, therefore simply does not have the heart of least bit protection. „terror horse , you could not escape today, suffers to death.” Jiang Chen without demur, Heav­enly Saint Sword once more aggres­sive chops to cut to go toward terror horse, oneself lay down sleepy, per­haps if under…show more content…
! However, although strikes Jiang Chen shakes draws back, the terror horse situation is not good, spouts a black blood at the scene. „Ha Ha , terror horse , integrated your within the body violently poisonously completely, you more display the Origin Strength fight, the speed of violently poi­sonous revolution is faster.” The Jiang Chen clear and resonant voice laughs, although terror horse also has very strong strength, the op­portunity of so long as to him not run­ning away, terror horse had been fin­ished today, is unable to run away. Hisses! terror horse sends out sound shak­ing four wild long and loud cries, quite a bamboo fence Pingyang by the solemnness and stirring that the dog bullies, he from top to bottom is the anger, afterward, this anger turned into endless killing intent , his ice-cold gaze has locked Jiang Chen : „Such being the case, this king killed you to say again.” terror horse looked, today wants to leave here, must give to kill Jiang Chen , otherwise, has the stop of oppo­site party, oneself cannot…show more content…
„Mother, this boy trivial 5-Tier Battle King , why has the so tyrannical strength, what a pity this king violently poisonously was invaded, the strength is unable to display, otherwise, tears certainly to shreds this boy.” terror horse could not bear scold one, he incomparable discomfort, every time displays the powerful offen­sive now, will cause to intensify vio­lently poisonously, if developed accord­ing to such tendency, own strength will be getting more and more weak, to could not cope Jiang Chen finally, even must evolve situation that what­ever the opposite party butchered. A single slip-up may cause lasting sorrow, turns head again hundred years of body, terror horse has been in the Paragon Sect cultivation , because actually read corruptly entered the Jiang Chen snare, makes into now this appearance, was nothing less than the

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