Music Influence On People Essay

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The Influence of Music On People Music plays a pivotal role in lives of many individuals and it helps them to express their feeling and emotion in songs. Music is also an art that can also be used to education, inspire and it can also bring people together. Music also brings out the best in people and it can bring out the worst in people depending on what message is sending. The music that we hear on the daily base usually tells a story of life, sex drugs, politics and many issues that occurs in the world today. Music allows many people to express how they feel when they are sad, happy and also when they are angry. The lyrics used in music can affect the souls of people depending on the tempo, beat and the sound; it is used to express the…show more content…
People also like to listen to more upbeat music such as rap, reggae, soca, and Junkanoo music. Rap and Reggae music bring a lot of excitement to the crowd depending on the type of rap and reggae music; it can cause a positive reaction where the crowd can go wild. Some rap and Reggae music can also bring about violence depending on what the music is saying is saying. As music such as soca and Junkanoo music these music can rock the crowd as soon as they here the beat. For instance at Christmas and New Year’s it’s the Bahamian tradition and culture to have junkanoo on Bay Street. The sounds of this music on the streets of Nassau put many of the Junkanoo participants and the spectators in trans. This is due to the beating of goat skin drums, the brass and bass horn and a combination of various instruments that give Junkanoo music its unique sounds. The different colors of the costumes the choreograph dancers also helps to excite the crowd. Heavy metal and Rock is another type of music people listen to; depending on the heavy metal songs, they might inhibited violated act or aggressive behavior as rock songs bring about rebellion and agitation influence in some

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