Right And Evil: The Characters In Oz The Great And Powerful

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“To err is human, to forgive is divine (Alexander Pope),” means that we’ve all made mistakes and will continue to make them because it is human to do so, but not everyone can forgive and so for someone to forgive is a real gift. This relates to good and evil as forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees them from destructive anger and evil and the perpetrator also needs self-forgiveness to be at peace and to see the good and recognize their evil doing. This essay will discuss how free will and human responsibilities impact in choosing between right and wrong, the qualities that the characters in Oz the Great and Powerful share with biblical figures and how the gospel values of forgiveness and healing are reflected throughout the…show more content…
Free will is ability to make our own free and independent choices without being influenced by other people’s ideas and actions. However we are all members of a community and we need to make good choices therefore our human responsibilities are the universal responsibilities of all humans, regardless of power or other factors such as religion, culture, nationality or gender. Yet, we need to understand the difference from right and wrong ourselves in order to evaluate what our human responsibilities are. An everyday choice that we may make without realising that we are using our free will and what the consequences may be could to throw rubbish on the ground even though we know that it is wrong to do so or we could pick up rubbish that may not be ours and place it in the bin. Throughout the movie Oz the Great and Powerful, the carnival magician Oscar Diggs, makes many right and wrong choices using free will and human responsibilities. An example of a good choice that Oscar makes is when decides to help the good people of Oz against the evil that is threatening the city. However, it was a human responsibility to save Oz as seeing the effects of his good and bad decisions, he realised that the good people of Oz needed him

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