Persuasive Speech On Morality

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You see people speeding on the highway and when they see an officer, they slow down. If one starts to follow behind them. Then all of a sudden their eyes are on the road and they become the best drivers out there. The thing is God is like the police officer and always following behind you. We just seem to forget to look in the mirror. Once again this goes back to the fact that whether you believe in God or not doesn’t determine his existence. Just like as if a police officer is following you and you ignore him and continue speeding he will still pull you over and give you a ticket. If you try to flee they will swarm around you and crash your car. Ignoring reality doesn’t make it go away. It just makes it that much worse when you are forced to except it. If you truly…show more content…
It is better to be honest with yourself and God and admit your flaws. Remember the publican that happens to go to temple at the same time as the Pharisee. His prayer was forgive me for I am a sinner. You can pretend all you want just remember that God knows and he will be the one who judges you. Not your friends or church group or peers. It will be God and his understanding of who you are and your conviction to him and his teachings and love for all others. You should try to improve yourself through prayer, diligence, studying scripture, and looking for your flaws and how to better yourself. As Christians and church leaders, we need to maintain a form grasp on to reality and that being the truth of the wisdom of God and the teachings of Jesus and our purpose here and our duties. It also requires us to use what we have learned over history and the effects evil has had on various moments in our history. In other words, we should learn from our mistakes. When we try to leave this part out of our teachings and concepts history tends to just repeat

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