Rhetorical Situation Essay

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Rhetorical situation generally consist of audience, purpose of the writing, context, genre and the constraints of the situation. Similar to “Slowing Down” from Billy Collins, writing should have a target audience, and the style of the writing would have to adapt to the target audience as it can change from one group of people to another. All writing must have a purpose, writing mostly used to persuade someone into believing in something. Without purpose, writing will be boring and uninteresting. Writing can be express in different genre depend on the situation which makes writing flexible in every field of study. Constraints is the biggest factor that I have consider when approaching a rhetorical situation. I have to ask myself questions; for example, are there anything I have to be aware approaching this topic of writing or…show more content…
In other words, rhetorical situation is a problem caused by person, events and things that can have a solution through writing analytically and bypassing their constraints of the problem. In the early phases of his paper, he mentioned about rhetorical situation is the call of the existence of writing instead of the other way around. In his paper, he mainly uses speeches to express the exigence of the rhetorical situation. One of the examples that he uses is from Winston Churchill’s “Finest hour”, and the whole speech is a good response to the crisis situation. The purpose of communicating is to bring solutions to the existence question. In his writing, exigence is the urgency or demand for writing and this is what the rhetorical situation is formulate
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