Lester Monologue

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Let me start at the beginning. Lester came to me because he wanted to tell his story. That he killed his kids. One at a time. Killed them all. I asked if he actually had killed them, where he quickly responded no, but that he was responsible for their death. This was where he quickly got lost in thought and asked me to open my closet so he could see what was in it. Of course nothing was in it, besides my Tan raincoat and my pair of shiny goloshes. He told me that his children were murdered, and if the murder of his three children could be proved, all his troubles would be over. I asked him why was that? he answered coldly, that he’d would go to jail, for life. And that you could see into all the rooms in a jail. He smiled at nothing, as if the empty jail cell was a comforting thought for him. Lester married…show more content…
Andy their third and final child came in the summer of 1969. Denny was dead by then, he told me with a frightening grin that was gone in a wink. Andy was an accident, but Lester didn’t care he told me It didn’t matter. He loved him anyway. He said it almost vengefully, as if he had loved the child to spite his wife. I asked him who kill the children. “The boogeyman” he answered. “The boogeyman killed them all. Just came out of the closet and killed them.” He twisted around and grinned as he told me. This was where i understood his fear of the closet and him liking the idea of being in a empty jail cell where he could observe everything. He told me how it started. Denny was almost two and Shirl was just an infant. Denny started crying one night. He didn’t want to get permissive with him. He didn’t want him to end up as a sissy. After a while, Lester started putting him to bed himself. Where he told me if the kid didn’t stop crying he would give him a whack to shut him up. Lester put him to bed one night, where he heard Lenny say the words “Boogeyman, boogeyman , daddy,” as he was pointing at
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